Whitewater Activities Basque Country

The shimmering waters of the Nive are waiting for you!

Embark on board our 6/7-seater rafts for a 1h30 discovery trip on the Heart Level of the Basque Country!
Obstacle crossing, sense on alert, paddle maneuver,... All under the watchful eye of your guide and in good spirits!

From 7 years old

Want to try it alone? Embark on a mini-raft, and the river is yours! 
At 3, 4 or 5, choose your captain and take control! Your instructor, never far away, will give you tips and tricks to steer your boat and face the rapids of the Nive!

From 12 years old

The Hot Dog, or raft canoe, is an inflatable boat where only two people can board.
The boat is stable, and it is with a double paddle that you will descend the Level, between rough passages and calm portions.
 Ready, Captain?

From 12 years old

hydrospeed, or whitewater swimming, is undoubtedly the activity that allows the best to discover and feel the strength and subtleties of the River.
This time, no boat but a float to be part of the aquatic environment.
Ready to get wet?


From 12 years old

Arteka will take you for a few hours to explore the gorges and other curiosities of the Basque canyons.

Natural slides, basins, jumps, waterfalls, waterfalls, the adventure is yours!
Ideal for family, friends, or even for your group outing!

From 10 years old