Basque Country

With your feet in the water and your eyes wide open, discover the Pyrenees 64 canyoning in the Basque gorges!

Are you looking for an original and refreshing activity with your family or friends? Canyoning in the Basque Country is accessible to all and is certainly for you!

It is a question of discovering or rediscovering our Basque mountains, by other paths, walking with your feet in the water, your head in the sun in a real Basque country canyon.

Your canyoning instructor 64 will guide you and share with you his passion for white water and geology. You will discover new sensations and the joy of contemplating the fauna and flora of the Basque Country.

It is an unforgettable way to discover this preserved environment in the heart of a luxuriant nature not easily accessible. Enough to make exceptional memories...

Different times will punctuate your descent: rapids, slalom between rocks, waterfalls, jumps, abseiling...

Our canyoning in the Basque Country is perfect for a great time with family and friends!

Canyoning Basque Country

What is canyoning?

Canyoning in the Pyrenees 64 is a sport that is practiced in white water and consists of descending rivers, torrents, streams or gorges, alternating between swimming, hiking and climbing, depending on the route. The latter can present waterfalls, basins, caves... and passages without necessarily permanent water.

Today, canyoning 64 has evolved thanks to the popularisation of climbing sports such as mountaineering or caving. Benefiting from a new image and a whole range of equipment developed especially for this sport, canyoning counts more and more practitioners each year.
Compared to other climbing disciplines, canyoning basically relies on the same principle: to make a path by accommodating natural relief. But it is also the relief that makes canyon exploration unique. Yes, the specificity of this sport lies mainly in the natural environment.

Canyoning France allows you to dive into the heart of nature in places where the human presence has not yet (or very little) altered the environment. You will have a front row seat to contemplate waterfalls, torrents, rivers, pools, creeks, rious, caves and cliffs.

To progress on our canyoning courses, you will use several methods:

  • An approach walk to get to the start of the canyon, by the river.
  • Swimming on the back ("floating") on the surface, advancing with the currents by letting you slide on the water or on the bed of pebbles at the bottom of the river.
  • When the water level allows, ventral swimming
  • Jumps, the majority of the time optional in deep water basins.
  • Abseiling (canyoning with ropes)
  • For the equipment, our canyoning instructors will equip you with thick wetsuits to cope with the freshness of the river.


2h30 of care
1h30 of activity


Equipment base shuttle from the Basque Country canyon Wetsuit, Helmet and Vest

not included

Travel to the meeting point by yourself Swimming costume, Trainers

on site

Changing rooms, Possibility to rent canyoning shoes (extra charge)

a question
canyoning Water games

The canyoning water games, quieter than our Canyoning Jeux de cordes course which features abseiling, will allow you to take your time, open your eyes, and marvel at everything around you. No need to be in great physical condition, the desire to enjoy and please yourself is enough! Accessible from 10 years old, our canyoning formula for children will seduce the youngest and the oldest!

During the canyoning pyrenees course, it will be possible (never necessary but nice) for you to jump from rocks (from 2 to 6 meters high!). Enough to spice up your aquatic hike!

canyoning rope games

At the foot of the Pyrenees, the Abseiling Initiation canyoning is ideal for discovering this sensational white water activity. You will start with an approach walk, then you will alternate between small jumps, swimming, abseiling and sliding. This activity requires the use of equipment such as harnesses, descenders, ropes,...

ARTEKA you team of wetsuits wetsuit, helmet and harness. Plan for sneakers, swimsuits and napkins.

This activity is accessible from 12 years old

To go further

Your Pyrenees Canyoning with Arteka

Leave for a half-day canyoning course to discover the turns and detours of the Nive, with a canyoning 64 instructor, a connoisseur of the Basque gorges and canyons.

He will be there to ensure your safety, show you the way and show you the corners not to be missed on the course.

Let yourself be lulled by the element, and appreciate this still preserved nature of the Southwest, but also be aware of its fragility and the need to keep it intact so that future generations can also admire it.

Canyoning Spain Sierra de Guara with the Arteka experience

In the province of Aragon, this wild sierra is home to a multitude of canyons. Sierra de Guara canyoning is the best canyon spot in Europe, with nearly a hundred barrancos, each one will find a canyon to suit its feet. Surrounded by a Mediterranean vegetation and an exceptional fauna, the Sierra de Guara canyoning will remain an unforgettable memory for a canyoning stay in Spain.

We offer you various canyons, adapted to the level of each, framed by experienced guides and graduates.
For beginners, the canyons of the "Rio Vero" and the "Peonera" are classified aquatic hikes for a gentle learning in the most beautiful Aragonese mountain scenery, the playful takes the step on the technique.

For the insiders, the canyons of "balced" and "Fornocal", which combine jumps, slides and ropes techniques, with steps of medium approaches (1h30 max) await you.

For the sporty experts, the reference of canyoning in the Spanish Pyrenees, "the Mascun". After a 3 hour approach walk, a 5 to 7 hour descent awaits you, in turquoise water, under the eye of vultures.