Basque Country

Try the Pays-basque hydro-speed adventure differently, discover river surfing!

The concept is simple: to make you feel the strength and subtleties of the river.

Ready for a trip down the Nive? Discover this Basque river, shaping a picturesque and bucolic landscape, through the provinces of Labourd and Lower Navarre.

Being at the very heart of the element, hydrospeed in the Basque Country is the best way to discover the hidden faces of the river. You will have to play with the fluid to move around and have fun.


Hydrospeed Basque Country
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Your hydrospeed bidarray or whitewater swimming session Basque Country

The hydrospeed floats are used by inserting the arms. Equipped with fins, the game will be to launch you into currents, counter-currents or static waves.

A Bidarray hydrospeed or white water swimming instructor from Pays Basque will accompany you throughout the descent, giving you advice and guaranteeing your safety.

Swimming in Bidarray white water is without hesitation the activity at Arteka which will allow you to enjoy the river and discover it from another angle by apprehending its subtleties and its strength.

Unlike rafting or kayaking, you find yourself at the very heart of the fluid with which you will have to play, like a river surfer... No boat, but a hydrospeed float to become one with the aquatic environment.
Come and taste the power of a mountain river, always in a friendly atmosphere and under the watchful eye of our instructors.


2h30 of care
1h30 of activity


Neoprene wetsuit, helmet, waistcoat, fins, booties, float
shuttle to the start

not included

shower kit

a question

Your Playground

Why not use your body as a float?

After having tested the Pyrenees hydrospeed, try the Canyoning Basque country ! This activity will allow you to discover privileged places, shaped by water and accessible only by the river... put on your suit and get in the water!