Orienteering in the Basque Country

100% custom-made!

compasscardA good sense of resourcefulness and let's go! Take a breath of fresh air and discover a challenge of great size natureAdaptable to all ages!

Truly accessible to all, the orienteering will make you work on your reflection during a fun run and original.

Whether with family, friends, colleagues or for a special occasion, everyone will enjoy it. Arteka will be happy to adapt it to your needs.

Breathtaking scenery, displacement, take pleasure in discovering a territory that is available to you.

On a marked path, your goal will be to follow this course with your card and your instinct until you reach the goal set!

orienteering race basque country
How does the activity take place?

Team spirit and a sense of initiative.. . Ideal for combining a walk with a fun concept, Orienteering consists of using a compass and a map to search for and find markers scattered around the countryside.

Armed with a map, go in search of the markers and riddles that we have concocted.

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