Basque games Euskal Jokoak

The Basque Culture Olympics

By team, you will play challenges, all more Basque than the others!
Many skills will be put to the test: address, strength, speed, which the strongest take away!
Your competitive spirit will be required to compete in long saw events, milk Pot, stone or weight lifting, Egur meta (pile of wood), bag race, Xoka tugged (tug of the rope), game of the winemaker...

A cultural heritage of the Basque Country, the Basque games of strength are still omnipresent today. Ideal for strengthening team cohesion while discovering Basque culture, traditional Basque games will reinforce the competitive spirit of the participants.

Ideal for your seminar, to motivate your team and encourage group spirit, or at your bachelor party to challenge your friends!

Please bring sportswear and shoes.

force basque basque country
A little history

The Basque Force events (Herri Kirolak in Basque) originate in the exercise of daily work (farmer, lumberjack, building construction,...)
For centuries, young Basques have been challenging themselves from one farm to another.

There are currently 16 sports disciplines that the Basque Government officially recognises as Deporte rural Vasco (Basque rural sport)

Ideal for team building, cooperation and competition, the Basque strength activity is often solicited from companies or sports clubs in search of unifying, fun and collaborative leisure activities for participants.
Organise your team building, integration trip or bachelor party!

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