The Arteka team

We are here for you!

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Jérome (Manager)

Specialist in mountain sports, Jérôme is an inexhaustible source of projects and creativity. The expression "faster than music" makes sense with his ideas! A pure Basque with a real love for his region, for him everything is possible.
He is the key and heart of Arteka.

Fabienne (Sales Manager)

"The control tower", as we like to call it to tease her. You have a question, it has the answer. Faithful to Arteka for 10 years, she knows the structure by heart. It is with her that you will organize all the details of your visit.
No one is irreplaceable.
Except her!

Laure (Accommodation Manager)

The one who watches over your nights and your stomach! As a true conductor, Laure manages the accommodation and catering part of Arteka. She takes great care to ensure that your stay goes as smoothly as possible and that our base is always pretty! Multi-task, she handles the keyboard as well as the plancha and brush! Did you also hear that she was a bus driver?

Theo (Monitor Manager)

In charge of the monitors, it is Theo who makes sure that everyone is running smoothly. Passionate about outdoor activities and graduated a few years ago now, his enthusiasm is contagious!
Always there to make you smile, with Theo it's a guaranteed good atmosphere!


Base manager, who has been part of Arteka's family for many years now! In addition to the hours spent working alongside you and driving the instructors, he now adds a string to his bow and takes charge of training future outdoor leaders! His keyword: "Don't worry! ».

Gaizka (Monitor)

Gaizka has been around since the very first steps of Arteka, and is passionate about nature and wide open spaces. Specialist in his field, he knows the region and its canyons by heart. No better guide to share his love of the country with you!

Pilu (Monitor)

A member of the Arteka team from the very beginning, Pilu knows the river inside out. On board his boat, he is able to give you an adrenaline rush while guaranteeing safe navigation!