Country - Basque Archery


Archery is a complete sport, it requires concentration and precision.

This one is fun and educational, it also allows you to clear your mind.  

Our games will make the activity fun and lively so that you have a great time.  

This activity consists in sending arrows as close as possible to the center of the target, thanks to a bow.  

Nothing very complicated you will see!  

Our activity is practiced outside on the heights of our leisure base Arteka in the Basque Country. 


Different archery techniques:

In archery, there are two distinct ways of shooting, the Mongolian sight and the Apache sight. 

Mongolian aiming is a technique in which the tip of your arrow is used as an aiming mark and the variation of the distance to the target is managed by the height of the notch in relation to your eyeThis technique allows the archer to manage the shots by tapping on the string of his bow.

The Apache technique is the first technique that It is simple to learn. It is enough to align the whole arrow with the eye and the target. This technique allows above all to give the arrow linear trajectories.


The activity of archery is adaptede to all and open to all types of de disability. Known for its therapeutic virtues, it is also a discipline that is the subject of numerous national competitions organized by the French Handisport Federation. Archery made its first appearance at the Paralympic Games in Rome in 1960.

Archery Basque Country

Robin Hood has conquered Nottingham Forest, now it's your turn to conquer the Arteka base!


 Archery most certainly dates back to the Stone Age, i.e. 20,000 years before Christ.. The Egyptians were the first to use the bow for food and war.

Many mythological and legendary characters have marked the history of archery, starting with Apollo, God of ArchersCupid, God of Love, through Artemis, Goddess of the hunt or Ulysses and Hercules.

During the medieval wars, a legend tells that the sign V of Victory, was initially a form of provocation of the English towards the French. Indeed, the archers English had their 2 fingers cut off, the index and middle fingers, by the French when they were captured. Thus, the English continued to show that they still had their 2 fingers.

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