Country - Basque

Individual performances are not the most important thing. We win and lose as a team!

To become real adventurers, you will have to show : 

  • Of courage
  • By force
  • Agility
  • Of logic
  • And of rage to overcome

Trust us, you'll be able toYou will come out of this event with a stronger team spirit. 


BASQUE COUNTRY : Go do the Koala in Bidarray

You certainly know this famous TV show that everyone dreams of doing one day...


Well, Arteka is inspired by this TV show and a the pleasure of offering you the Baskoh-Lanta activity which will give you the pleasure of discovering muscles that you may not have known existed before!

A little bit of thinking to win the totem pole! 

Arteka will of course welcome you with good humor as well as the outstanding professionalism of our qualified sports educators.  

This will allow us to make you live a total immersion!

baskoh-lanta basque country

Create alliances, outdo each other and cooperate for a chance to finish on the winning team. 

Only those who succeed in doing so will have the chance to hold up the coveted totem poleé. 

Don't worry, we won't ask you to be a professional sportsman, this activity is adapted to à all from 12 years old with a minimum of 8 people for a group such as an EVG-EVJF, school group, Team Building event...  

Our original activity is a funny and unique adventure in a preserved site of the Basque Country. 


It is perfect for building cohesion, working on your competitiveness and good times to tell later in your tribe. It works for Team Buildings, school or sport groups, families or EVG and EVJF. 

Team spirit is the key word of this activity, trust each one of you. This process will lead you to the totem pole.  

<strong style="font-size: 14px; color: rgb(161, 174, 55);">A PREVOIR :</strong>

  • Sport sneakers 
  • A suitable outfit 


  • The good mood 
  • A great motivation 
  • And an adventurous mentality 

Baskoh-Lanta contains several events, each team will be differentiated, thanks to colored scarves.


It will take place 2 kilometers from our leisure base, in our pretty little Basque village of Bidarray. 

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